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My plan to rejuvenate my much-abused Hornet 600 hasn’t progressed as fast as I would have liked. Getting married, a fantastic GSX-R600 and general laziness are to blame.

Having said that, I have finally got around to sorting out the brakes. When I put the bike in for an MOT, I was given an advisory about the warped discs. So I got in touch with EBC Brakes and got some bling wavy discs (£146.29 each for the front discs, £89.59 for the rear) and pads (£19.98 per caliper set on the front, £17.82 for the rear pads).  

The bits were fitted in not time by IP Performance in Bourne, while I stood around drinking all their coffee and playing with the dog. The lads there have worked in the BSB paddock for years, so it’s reassuring to know that someone who really knows what they’re doing (i.e. not me) has done a proper job.

I'm still bedding the EBC brakes brakes in - which means avoiding hard or prolonged braking - but the pulsing at the lever that signified warped discs is long gone and I can already feel the brakes getting stronger and stronger.

Unfortunately my new beefier brakes highlight another problem with the bike - soft front forks. They dive too much under braking already, so stronger stoppers only accentuate that.

If that’s not bad enough they’re also pitted badly at the top of the stanchions, so it’s not worth having the forks rebuilt until that’s fixed. As it is the rough pitting will just continue to shred the fork seals, so I need to find a cost-effective solution - whether it’s sending the stanchions away to be re-chromed or buying new or used parts. If anyone has some mint condition Hornet forks for sale, let me know!

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James Keen

By James Keen