Ducati 848 Evo v Triumph 675 v Yamaha R6 on track

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The new Ducati 848 Evo gets its first ever group test In next week’s MCN, out September 22. Ducati say it takes the supersport category to new heights, but is it really a supersport bike?

It certainly revs like one, and carries the corner speed of one, but with 140bhp on tap you have to wonder if it’s closer to superbikes than screaming 600s. And how will it perform on the road, where corner speed is usually less important than ease of use?

To see how the new Ducati rates against the supersport class leaders, we pit it against a triple – Triumph’s brilliant 675 Daytona – and a four – Yamaha’s banzai R6. The track part of the test took place in Sicily on the fast and bumpy Siracusa track. 

Read the full test in next week's MCN, on sale Wednesday 22 September.

Here are some raw stats from the test. We’d be interested in your predictions:

Ducati 848 Evo £10,695 
Corner speed (hairpin) 57mph.
Measured top speed: 153mph (167mph indicated)
Measured power: 126bhp
Measured torque: 67ftlb

Triumph Daytona 675 £7999
Corner speed (hairpin) 51mph.
Measured top speed: 151mph (159mph indicated)
Measured power: 112.8bhp
Measured torque: 50.7ftlb

Yamaha R6 £8999
Yamaha R6, corner speed (hairpin) 52mph.
Measured top speed: 151mph (159mph indicated)
Measured power: 111.8bhp
Measured torque: 46.2ftlb

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