New BMW R1200GS Triple Black first ride

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Limited edition bikes are like truffles: you wonder what all the fuss is about, especially for the extra outlay involved in buying them. So, when BMW introduces a limited edition R1200GS, you feel justified in saying: “So what?”

The standard R1200GS, with no thrills or frills, costs £10,550. The question is: would you pay an extra £435 for the same bike but with wire wheels, black paint and a seat with an embossed logo? And the answer is… Yes. Of course you would.

Why? Because the BMW R1200GS Triple Black looks incredible. Incredible to the point it’s so totally different to a stock GS and for not much more money at £10,895.

Read the full test in this week’s MCN.

Trevore Franklin

By Trevore Franklin