Carl Fogarty: “Ducati Diavel is f**king awesome”

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Carl Fogarty’s immediate verdict on the Ducati Diavel he picked up yesterday afternoon was that the bike is “f**king awesome”.

Four-times World Superbike champion Fogarty picked up a borrowed Ducati Diavel yesterday afternoon but had to wait until the rain stopped yesterday evening before he ventured out. He will be keeping the bike for the summer months but is already considering selling his Ducati Hypermotard and buying a Diavel instead. Find Ducati motorcycles for sale

    He told MCN: “That’s one hell of a thing…f**king awesome! It felt so fast and was way better than I thought it was going to be just from looking at it. You see the wide rear tyre, the size of thing and then feel the riding position and your mind automatically assumes it’s not going to handle and be heavy. It’s not like that at all.

    “It was a bit damp out but I felt the traction control kick in a couple of times. I’ve never experienced it working before but if it’s that good on a road bike racing must be easy these days! Tempted by a Diavel? Find a Ducati Diavel for sale

      Andy Downes

      By Andy Downes

      Former MCN Senior Reporter