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I really like my G650GS. So I’m massively disappointed to report that the paintwork doesn’t seem to be up to much. Corrosion is already beginning to appear in places and it’s not yet had to endure a single winter.

A BMW spokesman said: ‘Obviously I can’t really comment on the cause of the corrosion until the bike has been inspected. So the first step is to take the bike to a dealer for inspection.

‘If it is a case of localised corrosion, the dealer will either carry out a localised repair or, if necessary, replace the subframe.’

I think I see quite enough of the local BMW dealer at regular service intervals so I decided to just keep an eye on it and spray chain lube on affected areas.

At its 6000-mile service, the dealer either didn’t see or care to mention the rust but did notice the valve clearances were out.  Apparently the 36,000-mile service is when they might normally need adjusting.

I have no idea why this has happened but the dealer did intimate that if the bike had been ridden for long periods at an indicated 90mph as opposed to, say, 80mph, this might account for it.

Although 90mph may not feel dramatic on the little 650, it’s only about 1000rpm shy of its 7000rpm red line, and nevertheless working quite hard. I’m told.

Despite the niggles, I’m still really enjoying the bike. I recently did a BMW Off-Road Skills course in the Brecon Beacons (read about it in MCN this Wednesday) and now plan to get some dual purpose tyres so I can do some gentle trail riding whenever it suits me.

Owned since:
April 2011
Price: £6430 including ABS (£660), heated grips (£230), top box (£270) and centre stand (£120).
Mileage: 6959

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell