Amazing prices on used Yamaha FJR1300s

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Used Yamaha FJR1300s are looking to be the smart used big-bore tourer choice in 2011, with nearly 50 for sale in bikes for sale at prices considerably less than the equivalent Honda Pan Europeans.   

The big Yamaha is the forgotten bike in the class – more modern rivals like the Kawasaki 1400GTR and the BMW K1300GT have taken the limelight away, but with ten years of production and minimal changes, the Yamaha’s ability speaks for itself.

New examples are victims of Yamaha’s vicious prices increases, but at the moment used examples still represent good value. The cheapest example in MCN Bikes for Sale is just £3699. That buys you a 2004 bike with 51,000 miles on, but the significant number of bikes with similar mileage indicates the Yamaha can deal with it. The touring nature of FJRs means that’s likely to consist of a lot of motorway cruising, which is gentle on bikes, so with a careful pre-purchase check that shouldn’t scare you. 

Raise your budget to £5000 (still less than a new SV650S) and you could be heading to the continent on older, but lower miles (just 14,000 miles) FJR with full luggage, heated grips and electric screen. It’s on sale at Hunts Motorcycles through

Whatever your budget, you’re looking at a useful saving over a similar Pan – similar age/mileage Yamahas are up to £800 less, but they’re still plentiful enough to allow you to be picky.

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Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging