Staff bikes: Honda Hornet 600 - pitted forks

Published: 18 January 2011

My Hornet's forks - which are actually used forks from a breakers, following a crash a couple of years ago - were pitted badly on the stanchions.

The suspension is so tired that I want to get it looked at by a professional, but it's not worth doing this until that’s fixed.  

I considered everything from biting the bullet and ordering new OE parts to rechroming or calling around brakers yards, but in the end I went for a compromise and ordered some new aftermarket Tarozzi fork tubes from Wemoto for £97.50 each.

OE Honda tubes are £124 each, so that's a good £50 saving.

I went for plain chrome, but Tarozzi also make them with a Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating in black, gold or red. They claim TiN is 3 times harder than chrome and won't corrode, but I wanted to keep the standard look. 

Now they look alright on the outside, it's time to get the internals sorted...

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