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Staff bikes: Triumph Tiger 800 - Fitting an eSystem Scottoiler

Published: 15 June 2011

Updated: 20 November 2014

Last weekend I fitted an eSystem chain oiling system to my long term Triumph Tiger 800. Unlike traditional vacuum valve operated oilers, Scottoiler’s eSystem uses a small electric pump to dispense measured droplets of oil to the chain

Pic 1a

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler
It’s a complex piece of kit that uses a dashboard, temperature sensor and accelerometer to control flow. You can throw a Scottoiler on a bike in under an hour but if you want a neat job it takes a little longer, here’s how I fitted mine…
Pic 1

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler
Everything you need is in the box including zip ties, cleaning pad, stick-on guides, plenty of pipe, spare dispenser nozzles and a small bottle of oil that will last for several thousand miles.  Scottoiler also supply a free nozzle holder specific for the Tiger. It fits in the swingarm bobbin mounting hole, see pic 12.
Pic 2

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler
As per the supplied instructions, fit the display first. Instead of mounting it prominently on the bars as suggested in the instructions, you can attach it to one of the bolts holding the bikes instrument panel to the frame. It sits neatly under the clocks and doesn’t foul the bars on full lock. Attach the display to the supplied Scottoiler bracket and the bracket to the top left mounting bolt on the frame. The bracket is easily bent to an angle that matches the Tigers clocks. By removing the inner plastic side panel that connects the tank to the headlamp assembly you can route the wire behind and under the tank keeping it out of sight.
Pic 3

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler
Use a zip tie to attach it to a redundant mounting point
Pic 4

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler
Feed the wire under the tank and push it up so it emerges behind the panel under the seat.
Pic 5

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler
Mounting the reservoir under the seat isn’t as simple as it appears. A plastic tang prevents you from placing the reservoir close to the side of the storage area, leaving an awkward gap. The only solution is to trim the tang down. You don’t need to take it completely off, just trim enough to allow the reservoir to sit neatly. But before you do this, the tang is there to hold Triumph’s official accessory U-Lock. By fitting the reservoir in this position you’ll no longer be able to carry a U lock under the seat.
Pic 6

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler
You’ve a few options when it comes to how you attach the reservoir. One option is to simply tuck it under the bungee strap holding the toolkit or you could zip tie it on to a frame rail. I used a small bolt through the mudguard. Start by drilling a hole in the reservoir mounting bracket.
Pic 7

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler
Put the reservoir back in the bracket and place it in position under the seat. Remember the reservoir needs to be as vertical as possible, with the pump end up. Mark it’s position.
Pic 8

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler
Drill a hole through the mudguard, fit the bolt and slot the bracket in. Use a hex head bolt rather than an Allen bolt. Hex heads are shallower and a 10mm headed bolt won’t turn in the channel of bracket.
Pic 9

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler
To keep it neat I measured the excess bolts threads and shortened the bolt with a hacksaw in vice.
Pic 10

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler
As the bolt sticks out under the mudguard make sure it is well greased. This will prevent any water making through hole and under the seat.
Pic 11

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler
Inconveniently the dispensing tube emerges just at the wrong height and hits one of the grab rail bolts. Either angle the reservoir or do what I did and shorten the bolt slightly.
Pic 12

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler
Routing the dispenser tube is straightforward. Start by attaching the nozzle end with the Tiger specific mount. Use the supplied cleaning pad to wipe the inside of the swingarm then attach two of the sticky backed pads onto the flat areas of the arm. This keeps the tube away from the chain and sprockets. Use one of the zipties to attach the tube to one of the coil springs and then route the tube up to the reservoir. Ensure the slash cut of the nozzle is facing away from the sprocket, this helps prevent blockages. 
Pic 13 and 14

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler

Fitting a eSystem Scottoiler

Now it’s just a case of connecting up to the battery and following the set-up instructions.


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