Is the new Honda CBR600 worthy of the name?

Published: 16 June 2011

Honda's new-for-2011 CBR600F brings an iconic name back to the middleweight class – but does it live up to its illustrious forbears?

Where the original CBRs were market-leading supersports in their own right, the new version has already come in for some stick for being essentially a mildly tweaked and facelifted existing old model – the Hornet CB600F.

And while the originals used advanced technology and design aimed at class-leading performance, the newcomer seems to have a more 'parts-bin' approach aimed more at budget price and value.

So, to find out if the new bike really can lay claim to being a worthy successor to the great CBRs of old there was only one thing to do – test it against them!

In this week's MCN we pit the new Honda CBR600F against every significant CBR600 of old – including the original from 1987, the 1991 F2, 1995 F3 and 1999 F4 and we were both surprised and impressed by how it measured up.

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