Staff bikes: Yamaha Super Tenere - Here we go again

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Having clocked 4500 miles on the big Super Tenere so far this year, life is good. It’s not the sharpest-handling or most exciting big adventure bike out there, but as an all-round package it’s certainly grown on me.

The chassis is incredibly well balanced and combined, the engine civilised, it’s comfortable and easy to ride, which is ultimately what a good adventure bike is all about.

I headed to the Nurburgring WSB round this month for what was a 1200-mile round trip. In preparation I fitted a new screen to the bike. It’s an official piece of kit from Yamaha (£124.99), designed to improve wind protection.

I was initially reluctant to switch, as some big screens can spoil the look of the bike and hamper visibility. But after fitting the new screen, which is wider and taller, I wasn’t worried. Where the standard screen has bevelled edges, the bigger screen doesn’t, which means that visibility is good.

I also fitted a set of Michelin Pilot Road 3 tyres for the trip. Michelin have only just begun producing them for this rim size (110/80 x 19 and 150/70 x 17) and they were well suited to riding conditions with their impressive wet and dry grip.