Bimota DB9 Brivido first ride: 'One of my top bikes of 2012'

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We had to twist Bimota's arm really hard to let us ride their new DB9 Brivido. After a few months of emails and phone calls trying to set up this test, we decided to bite the bullet and literally turn up on the doorstep of their factory in Rimini, Italy.

I’m honoured. No one outside of Bimota’s small test team has ever swung a leg over the futuristic-looking new DB9. This is a post-prototype machine – number ‘0’ and it’s still in the final stages of development, but I’m allowed a quick taster.

It’s powered by Ducati’s beautiful 1198cc V-twin Diavel motor – its old superbike engine, retuned for the road. This special 24,000 Euro DB9 Brivido CS version is swathed in carbon fibre, has a Buell-style single rim-mounted front disc and is mouth-watering to behold. It’s sex on the proverbial stick.

It’s a big surprise just how nice it is to ride and easily one of my top three 2012 bikes this year, behind the Panigale and 2012 S1000RR. Why? It fuels beautifully; it’s smooth, fast, excellent in the corners, comfortable and above all fun! It doesn’t have ride-by-wire, variable fuel maps, traction control and all the latest gizmos – it just works properly, which is a refreshing change these days…

Read my full review, including the latest on what’s happening at Bimota in the March 14 issue of MCN.

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Michael Neeves

By Michael Neeves

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