BMW C650GT first ride: “takes scooter equipment to a new level”

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The BMW C650 GT is one of the most sophisticated scooters yet - and the first to cost over £10,000.

I've just ridden the new super scooter at the launch in Madrid. With heated seat and grips, ABS and electronically adjustable screen, it takes scooter equipment to a new level.

It's got the go of a middleweight motorcycle - just about - and the comfort level and luxuries you'd expect on a big tourer.

Despite its size, it's very easy to manoeuvre at low speed.

It's got massive presence and caught the eye of several other scooter riders in the Madrid rush hour.

City traffic means I haven't had a proper chance to test its 60 horses yet, although I would cautiously say it's not as lively as I'd hoped.

Some of the plastics, namely the two glove box doors, have a cheaper feel than I'd like at this price.

There's enough space for two full-face helmets under the seat and I could play with the electric screen all day.

Put the side-stand down and it engages an automatic handbrake.

But at this price, you can see why the UK market for super scooters is small.
The GT650 costs £9705 for the basic model or £10,445 for the 'Highline' version which comes with extras including the heated grips and seat.

The C600 sport - a slimmed down variation using the same 647cc parallel twin engine - is £9395 or 10,245 for the Highline version.

All versions come with ABS as standard and are due to arrive in the UK in May.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell