2013 Ducati Multistrada first ride: "The suspension reacts instantly"

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Ducati’s new 2013 Multistrada with its semi-active suspension, ‘Skyhook’, created in partnership with Sachs, is currently being tested by MCN senior road tester Adam Child on the North Western coast of Spain near Bilbao. These are his first impressions:

“The bike is slightly odd at first because it’s rock solid on its hardest setting until you switch the ignition on. Once going you have the usual riding modes – touring, urban, sports and enduro  – however, now the suspension reacts to imperfections on the road in a fraction of a second.

"Around cobbled streets of Spain, even in the hardest sports mode, the suspension copes with speed humps and cobbles with ease, reacting immediately to the changes in surface. A true test will be pushing the handling and the brakes of the new twin spark engine.”

See Chad’s full test in next week’s MCN on sale Wednesday 26 September. 

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