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“The ride to work is going to be a blast on the nimble triple – and the ride home again is going to be even better. Dear A1, you’ll not be seeing much of me.”

The grey and red Triumph Street Triple R in the shed outside work has my name on it. Figuratively, not literally of course. I’ve got a lift in to work today so I can ride it home tonight, and I’m nervous.

Last August I injured myself quite badly in a crash while racing at Cadwell Park and it took me seven months to recover. A week after the docs cleared me to start riding again, I rode a BMW R1200GS 1750 miles to Sicily, two-up. But a fantasy adventure like that doesn’t feel as real as having my own bike to look after, to wheel in and out of the garage every day. I’m about to become a proper motorcyclist again, which makes me nervous.

Thankfully I have the perfect bike as I’m confident the little Triple R will be perfect for my steps back into motorcycling life. I had one back in 2009 and loved its cheeky approach to life. That bike loved the long-ish way to work and the properly long way home (getting out of bed isn’t a personal strong point).

I’ve read reports that suggest the new 2013 model isn’t quite as playful as its predecessor, mainly thanks to a taller first gear inherited from the Daytona 675 sportsbike. But I’m confident the Triumph and I will still have a lot of fun together. Just as soon as I can get over those nerves.



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Tony Hoare

By Tony Hoare

Former MCN Consumer Editor