Staff Blog: Today is a good day…

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The last couple of months haven’t been easy. I’ve seen my colleagues at MCN come bouncing into the office having received their long term test bikes for the year.

I however have been forced to do my commute up the A1 in a people carrier, which as the weather has improved has become increasingly soul destroying.

But, today that all changed, after receiving a call from Ross at KTM informing me that my long term test bike was ready for collection.

I’m now riding the awesome 1190 Adventure R – and it’s a beast. It looks seriously purposeful at a stand still, a trait that continues as soon as the wheels are rolling. Kids stop and stare looking at me like I’ve just ridden around the world for fun.

I’ll be back on it tomorrow heading up to the 2014 Dakar presentation at the Heritage Motor Centre in Warwickshire. I could get there on the M40, but I think that’s unlikely - It’s going to be the twisty, scenic route all the way for me…


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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

Sports Editor, former 250-racer and adventure rider