Staff Blog: Too Many Fazers, Too Little Time

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I’ve not just been riding the Yamaha Fazer8 this week, for a forthcoming long term feature I’ve been out on my mate’s Yamaha FZS600 Fazer and the big brother of the range the FZ1 Fazer.

I was really surprised how easy and comfortable I felt hopping from one bike to the other. Each were quite similar to ride in some ways but very different in others. Unsurprisingly the 2002 600 version felt a little dated but it’s still a decent enough bike, whilst the 1000cc could easily be a licence loser.

It’s been an interesting little experiment and a good excuse to ride some different bikes, keep an eye on Motorcycle News for the full report.


Alison Silcox

By Alison Silcox

Office Manager and centre of the MCN universe.