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I love the idea of black bikes. They’re the stealth option. In 2013 black also seems like the sensible choice for a sports bike like the GSX-R750, not so much because it helps you slip unnoticed from the scene of the crime, but because it’s like those of us riding them — a bit older. More grown up than some of the colors and graphics the manufacturers serve up.

But, you guessed it, there’s a but coming. My long-term test GSX-R750 takes longer to clean than any bike I’ve cleaned in 33 years of riding.  Every drop of water stains it. Every rub with a cloth that isn’t brand new adds a smear or, seemingly, a thousand micro-scratches. Cleaning, or rather, finishing, goes on and on until, finally, when I think I’m done, I move six inches to the left and the light catches the bike from a different angle…  Oh no. All I’ve done is move the dirt into a different dimension. Or something.

I love the bike, though. And I’m gathering specialist products for vehicles for black paint. I shall prevail. Meanwhile, cleaning tips most welcome. 


Tim Thompson

By Tim Thompson

Head of Content, former Bike magazine Editor, Nurburgring-lover