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After four and a half long years my other half and I went for our first ride out together over the weekend.

Mark was involved in a start-line crash at Brands Hatch when racing his Suzuki SV650 in the Bemsee Minitwin championship. He had a shopping list of injuries and the main one that has impacted his ability to ride was the damage to his left leg and ankle. He suffered compartment syndrome in the lower leg, which has caused damage to his nerves, muscles and tendons. The break to the ankle meant it needed to be pinned. The combination of injuries left Mark with limited mobility in his left leg and foot, which in turn means he can’t use a standard gear shift. Bikes have always played a large part in Mark’s life, having owned his first one from the age of 11, so to not to have ridden for so long has been difficult and he needed to find a solution to getting back on two wheels.

After lots of research we found a company based over near Bury St Edmunds called Kliktronic ( Keith and Bob are two thoroughly good eggs who have invented a push button gear change system. A push button, electric actuator is fitted to the gear linkage and the control buttons are located just below the left hand grip. The kit has been fitted to our Ducati Monster 695 and Mark’s ridden over 100 miles so far and is getting on well. In a few week’s time he’ll write a full product review to give his impressions.

Being able to go on rides together is a massive thing for the both of us and over the next few months we’re planning trips out on the Monster and Fazer8. It’s great to have my riding buddy back.


Alison Silcox

By Alison Silcox

Office Manager and centre of the MCN universe.