Staff Blog: Pushing the limit

Published: 25 June 2013

When I picked the Victory Judge up from Victory UK I remember Victory UK's PR man telling me I'd want to start looking for a petrol station pretty sharpish after 120 miles.

He also said if the petrol light comes on then I'd seriously be in trouble.

With this information lodged firmly in my head I tend to start looking for a petrol station at the 100 mile mark. But this week I decided to push it so I could write this blog.

The trip reached 120, then 130, 140 and at 145.3 miles I decided I best fill up. According to the pump the Judge's 17 litre tank took 16.08 litres of fuel. That's 41.28mpg.

Apparently the PR man is more than a little aggresive on the throttle, although it should be noted that 90% or so of the 146 miles I covered were on dual carriageways at a steady cruising speed.

A couple of quick calculations show that I should in theory be able to cover 154 miles to a tank before I have to resort to good old fashioned man power - not something I look forward to with the Judge's weight of 300kg.

But there's something a little worrying, with just eight miles left in the tank there was still no petrol light. On other bikes I regularly travel 20 miles with the fuel light on with ease.

The PR man wasn't wrong about being in trouble when the light comes on, then.


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