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Now I’ve had the Street Bob for a couple of weeks I’ve had the chance to do something I suspect many other Harley owners do – park it on the drive, grab a beer and paw over the details that make the Motor Company one of the world’s biggest and best-loved motorcycle brands…

1. Swept back chrome indicators contain LED turn signals, tail and brake lights leaving the chopped rear mudguard uncluttered.
2. Both parts of the ABS sensors are hidden in the wheel hubs so there’s no ugly perforated ring needed on the brake disc.
3. All the chrome on the bike is a mile deep and flawless. Shame that I plan to remove most of it!
4. Front indicators are mounted with a ball and socket so can be angled for any shaped handlebar.
5. What other manufacturer would take the time and trouble to
machine and chrome a fuel tank spigot to this standard?
6. Cast and brushed tank badge is so exquisite it could double as a belt buckle.
7. Wiring is contained within the stainless steel bars which are rubber-mounted to isolate the vibes.
8. But it’s not all good. The tank’s centre console doesn’t quite match the curve of the tank, leaving an ugly gap.
9. The clamp on the left-hand switchgear doesn’t quite line up either. For something that’s in prominent view it should be better.

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Ped Baker

By Ped Baker

Former MCN Managing Editor (Digital & Events)