Staff Blog: Fair-weather rider? I wish

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This year I’ve been trying to turn myself into a fair weather rider. Honestly, it’s not me, it’s the bike  – I don’t mind riding in the wet and have done thousands of miles in the rain over the years.

But the Street Triple R really doesn’t like the wet. The handling doesn’t inspire me to commute the long way on wet roads – though that could be down to the sporty Pirelli Diablo Rosso  tyres – and it seems a shame to flog a plaything like the Striple R up and down the A1. Then there’s the fact it looks absolutely hanging within 10 minutes of riding in the rain. Some bikes take on a certain charm once they’re wearing a bit of grime, but the Triumph isn’t one of them.

Hence a daily check out of the window in the mornings. If I haven’t been able to ride to work in my Kevlar-lined jeans then I haven’t ridden. That usually works well, until it comes to the ride home. Last night’s soaking felt like having an ice bucket poured down my waistband and I needed a bath just to warm up once I got home. Fair weather rider? Chance would be a bloody fine thing.

So, on the old truism that those who can’t beat them should join them, I’m going to accept there just isn’t enough fair weather. Some new waterproof riding trousers and a beefy stash of bike cleaner are on the way.


Tony Hoare

By Tony Hoare

Former MCN Consumer Editor