Long-term test: Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle

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Dispatches from the Land of Joy #1. The land of what? Land of Joy… It might sound like a North Korean diktat but it’s Ducati marketing speak for Scrambler ownership and normally the sort of mumbo-jumbo that would have most right-thinking folk recoiling in horror. But stick with me, because in the case of my Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle, I think it’s justified.

Fact is, it’s very difficult to ride the Scrambler without it putting a smile on your face. Just looking at it seems to make people happy – after the annual MCN rideout from Butlins to Cadwell Park folk were clamouring to have a sit on the Ducati and try it for size. Then as the queue for the parade lap started rolling, a Panigale owner paused to let me in front with an admiring look at the 803cc beauty.

Riding the Scrambler’s a joy, too. My daily commute takes in windy country backroads where the wide bars and easy torque make for swooping enjoyment. There’s nothing threatening, just good vibes.

One thing though, the Full Throttle doesn’t half get itself mucky when the weather turns. A single 17-mile ride home in tipping rain after MCN’s midnight press slot on the recent bank holiday left the bike looking like I’d done some actual Scrambling. Time to get cleaning.

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Simon Brown

By Simon Brown

MCN Senior Production Editor