Video: Kawasaki H2R 'Flat Out'

We’re confident the H2R is going to break 200mph; after that we’re into the unknown.

We speed tested the road-going Kawasaki H2 just a few weeks ago and it kicked sand in the face of the Suzuki’s Hayabusa, smoking it to 180mph while becoming the fastest-accelerating bike we have ever tested at MCN. 

Normal production bikes are restricted to a manufacturers’ agreement of 300kph (186mph) but Kawasaki has thrown the rulebook in the bin with the H2R; they say there are no speed limits or restrictors. 

The only limiting factor is the size of the rider’s coconuts.

For the full write-up read the May 20, 2015 edition of MCN.

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Adam Child

By Adam Child

Former MCN Road Tester with 15 years road testing experience on all kinds of bikes