Gallery: Electric boogaloo

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The future is electric. It’s a statement often trotted out as we search for evergreener solutions to our increasingly finite resources of black gold and rapidly multiplying transport woes – especially in cities. 

But despite the hype, and governement, subsidies to encourage sales, us motorcyclists are proving a tough nut to crack. We haven’t been won over by electric-powered bikes – yet. But is all about to change? 

We took out Energica’s Eva and Zero’ SR – Check out the gallery above. Which do you prefer? 

The verdict – ‘Zero has the most potential’

After a 70-mile ride, the Energica and Zero were split by just over a minute, but more impressively they both did exactly what their range claims said they would.

On an electric bike, this really is crucial. These two bikes prove that electric propulsion is certainly on the right path, and increasingly becoming a viable option – as long as your lifestyle suits the range constraints.

But which is best? Energica and Zero have taken two different paths. The Eva is a traditional motorcycle made electric with cutting-edge tech, while the SR is more a two-wheeled electric vehicle – and more basic.

They are very different, but with a price tag of £26,999 the Eva’s market is far more limited than the £15,690 SR’s. The Eva is the best ride, but in a developing market I can’t help but think its price lends the Zero greater short-term potential. 

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