The MCN Test: The great electronics debate - Panigale V4S vs S1000RR


We first tested BMW’s updated S1000RR at its Almeria track launch at the end of last year and it felt like a computer game. It was so safe on the throttle and gave such a delicious feeling of front and rear grip, it was just a case of pointing it where you wanted and off it went, at a rapid rate of knots.

It was all thanks to upgrades designed not only to make the German superbike faster and crisper handling, but also to make it easier to ride.

It succeeded on all counts. Based on the 2019 model, the latest Beemer has sprouted wings to keep the front end nailed to the floor and uses the top end from the M1000RR, boosting the inline four’s power from 204bhp to 207bhp.

It gets the Nissin calipers from the M, has tweaked steering geometry and cut-outs in the cast aluminium frame for flex and feel at full lean, like a Panigale V4 R…