Big read: Remembering Steve Hislop


Twenty years ago this week, the Robinson R44 helicopter being piloted by Steve Hislop came down on a remote hillside in the Scottish Borders.

Hislop’s death shocked the racing world, and he is still greatly missed by friends, family, and bike fans everywhere. His close friend, Andrew Brodie, still mows the grass at the crash site memorial every week, despite its remote location.

Every week for 20 years. That’s the kind of devotion Hizzy inspired. But he was a complex character, and many who worked with him, or raced against him, believe he could have achieved even greater things if he had a mentor or manager to guide him.

Hislop was close to genius on a racing motorcycle, but not so good at dealing with all other aspects of racing, which is why he had so many bust-ups with teams, found himself being sacked, and never got the opportunities his talents deserved.

‘The best, no question’

Hislop is still held in something close to awe by fellow racers and team bosses who saw, close-up, what he was truly capable of.

What impressed them most was his precision…

Stuart Barker

By Stuart Barker