MV Agusta F5 spied on test

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IT’S the datalogging kit strapped to the pillion seat that gives the game away. This is no F4 1+1. It is, you can be assured, a well disguised F5, complete with that tempting 998cc engine.

It’s a development from the gorgeous sounding 748cc four-cylinder engine the new MV Agusta has used in its bikes so far, and was spotted at the Cartagena circuit in Spain.

The pictures prove that the updated engine will fit straight into an F4 chassis, so little work will is likely to be done on the frame.

Brakes are also expected to come straight from MV’s parts bin – as is the suspension, but that will need to be set up differently because of the extra power.

MV reckons the final road-going version will make at least 150bhp at the crankshaft – putting it on a par with the R1.

As reported previously by, the bike will also feature a variable-length inlet manifold – altering the engine characteristics at high and low revs to give optimum power delivery.

MV boss Claudio Castiglioni has confirmed the motor will also be fitted to other bikes in the range.

Legendary designer Massimo Tamburini, the man behind the F4 and the Ducati 996, has been crafting an appearance for the firm’s new machine.

It is expected to be wheeled before the public at the Milan Show in late September.

The F5 will bear a family resemblance to the F4, but with several alterations to make it individual.

One source close to the factory said: ” Things like the air intakes could be altered so that you will see it’s a totally new design. ”

The full production version will be around £13,000.

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By MCN Staff