1000cc V8 to power new Aussie neck-snapper

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What’s got eight cylinders, up to 175bhp and will be ready for sale within six weeks?

Our artist’s impression shows the answer, the latest 1000cc derivation of the Drysdale V8 concept, a naked bike with neck-snapping power.

Sounds great. Trouble is you’ll need around £29,000 to land one and you’ll have to ship it in from its native Australia.

The V-8 engine uses the same basic design as the Drysdale 750cc superbike version, but the capacity has been boosted to 1000cc, and the 750’s Yamaha FZR400 cylinder heads have been replaced with those of an FZR600.

The firm’s owner, Ian Drysdale, reckons it will boost power to 160bhp in standard trim, with the potential for owners to squeeze out another 15bhp by tweaking the MoTec programmable engine management system.

Drysdale is building his own all-new chassis for the bike.

He said: ” It will be a cross between our 750-V8 Superbike chassis and that of a Monster – with allowances made to accommodate twin shocks. ”

Top speed is likely to be up to 160mph – and with no fairing.

The bikes will be built to order, with the first one expected to be completed within six weeks.

” The first 1000-V8 will use specially built Penske shocks, ” said Drsydale. ” This is the first customer’s preference, but future customers will be able to specify any of the regular aftermarket brands, such as WP or Ohlins. ”

All other technical specifications will also vary, according on customers’ specifications, including brakes, forks and wheels.

And more changes will have to be made to individual models depending on the legal requirements of the customer’s home market. Varying emission limits will determine what kind of exhaust system is used.

” The Americans want it with eight end cans! ” said Drysdale.

Expect more on this in MCN, published August 22, 2001.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff