2001 and 2002 Gas Gas bikes arrive

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The first 2002-model Gas Gas Pamperas have arrived in the UK – at the same time as the first batch of the firm’s 2001-model Supermotos finally arrive.

The all-new Pampera is a lightweight two-stroke trail bike, pitched firmly at those who are new to off-roading. The factory hasn’t yet released weight or power figures, but expect something in the region of 110kgs and 30-40bhp. The engine is the same as that found in the 250 trials bike and is dead simple.

It doesn’t have a power-valve and concentrates on delivering easy-to-use torque rather than top-end zing. It does need its fuel pre-mixed though.

UK Importer John Shirt claimed: ” It’s the perfect tool for those used to road bikes – if anyone can’t ride this off-road, they need to stick to the smooth stuff. ”

And Gas Gas now produces a range just for those who would rather stay away from the mud. Debuted at the Munich Show last year, the Supermoto range of bikes have finally reached our shores. The 2-stroke 250cc is the first to be delivered. It produces a healthy 50bhp and weighs around 120kgs. The single features fully adjustable WP forks and a fully adjustable Ohlins shock.

A 400cc four-stroke will have a similar power output and should be available by November at £4575.

The Pampera 250 costs just £2643, while the 250 Supermoto is £3890.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff