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Carl Fogarty: In his own words

Published: 16 December 2001

Updated: 19 November 2014

Jonny: Carl how long do you think it will take to get a race win with the new bike?

CarlFogarty: Oh, it's impossible to say really. It would be great to have one in the first year, although that's unrealistic. But certainly in 2003

Dave: How difficult will it be to stop yourself jumping on the bike during testing to get the fastest lap times?

CarlFogarty: Oh that won't be difficult at all. Especially with a broken leg! My wife won't let me ride again at this point in time. I'd love to have a go on the bike for sure, around summer time, June or July when I'm all healed. I'd love to find out what's it's all about for sure.

Wazok: Great news about Haydon, but do you think that he will be able to keep himself and the bike on the track next year?

CarlFogarty: Well I hope so! James is fast. His problem over the last couple of years I've been watching him has been consistency, but he's at an age now where he should be able to leave that behind, and it's our job as a team to set up the bike so he can get as close as possible without going over that limit.

Dave: Could winning the WSB championship as a team leader ever compare to your championship wins as a rider?

CarlFogarty: I think, no, but it'll be the closest thing. I'd love to win again that's what I do. Like a football player that turns into a manager, it's the next best thing. So I hope to feel that again someday.

loonycat1: Carl, do you think you experience of being a rider in top superbike teams will help you manage one?

CarlFogarty: Yeah, I mean I know the basics and that, although I don't pretend to know everything about running a team, cos I don't. That’s why I've got good people around me. So although I don't know it all, I know bits, and I've got people around me who can do their jobs.

Christopher: Have you assembled the whole of your team yet? I've just left school (I’m 18) and am looking for an opportunity to be involved in superbikes in a press-officer role or marketing etc

CarlFogarty: *Laughs*. My press officers beside me so he's not happy about that. I've got most of the team to be honest, but I've left it to Nigel to sort out the mechanics side of things, so if you want to give him a call.

Anuar: Which is the strongest factor; bike competency, riders skills or sponsors willingness to throw in loads of cash as per required by your team?

CarlFogarty: There isn't one really. It's a combination of three. When I rode for Ducati I always said it was the team, the bike and the rider. I guess here it has to be the bike and the rider.

dpc: In that order?

CarlFogarty You've got to have all three to be successful, but the rider and the bike are the two main ones.

Mentaltrev: Speaking generally, Carl, what changes (reportedly BIG ones) does the bike need to refocus it on WSB instead of GP? Are they all just for regulation compliance?

CarlFogarty: Two big things are the capacity ,they're got to reduce the capacity to 900cc, and the starter motor basically. It's got to have one like a road bike basically, but the engine basically needs to be sleeved down. But we'll be changing the chassis and the bodywork.

Bob: Which one of your many exciting races was the best in your opinion. My choice was Assen, I think, where you rode around the outside of the pack on the RC45.

CarlFogarty: Erm... it's so hard to pick one, cos I had so many great victories, sort of thing. Bloody hell! That's so hard. I enjoyed Brands Hatch in 95. If I had to pick one but picking one out of twenty or so victories is so hard. But to do the double in front of a massive crowd on a red hot day.

Bill: What country produces the better racers, and why?

CarlFogarty: the moment, it seems to change countries every couple of years. I think the Italians at the moment. As for why, I remember going to Italy a year or two ago and watching these little kids racing round what looked like a mini GP track on mini-motos at 9 or ten years old, and that's why, because that's where Rossi came from. But it changes, it used to be Australia five or six years ago.

Simon: I remember seeing you win the SBK title at Phillip Island on the first 916 Ducati. It was a completely dominant performance and I think both you and the bike won many Australian fans. Bu do you really think you'd have been a match for Doohan in 500GPs?

CarlFogarty: Erm…that’s a difficult question to answer. I get that a lot really. I always believe that no-one in the world is better than me, that's what won me all those titles. I just think it would have been great to race one of the greatest of all time. On a 500 in the early 90s I don't think I could have beaten him, but on a 500 in the late 90s I think I could have matched him because they were more sorted to my style, I believe.

slowlanebob: In an ideal world, which two riders would you pic?

CarlFogarty: S**t. In an ideal world I guess I'd have Valentino Rossi. And who else... and Rueben Xaus. I think that would be a really exciting duo

Dpc: What about a best of all-time duo?

CarlFogarty: Erm, the two best for the team? Doohan and Roberts...Kenny Roberts Snr.

loonycat1: WSB seem to have more evenly matched riders than the 500s. One rider, (Rossi), basically dominated GPs this year, whereas any number of riders can win in WSB. Why do you think that is?

CarlFogarty: Yeah, there's nobody dominant at the moment in WSB. Why, I just don’t know. Rossi is one of those guys who just comes along and makes it look easy. He's a natural and I was surprised at how easy he made it look to be honest. And there's no-one like that in WSB at the moment. But that could change from year to year

xx1100: Who do you think has the best chance of winning the 2002 championship?

CarlFogarty: Erm, good question that really. It's a lot easier to predict for this year...but for next year, for some reason, I’m not looking forward to predicting it. But I'll have to go with the current world champion, Troy Bayliss, to hold on to it, but I’m not looking forward to predicting it, to be honest.

zx6man: How do you think Walker will do next year in WSB?

CarlFogarty: I can't see him getting top 6 very often to be honest. And championship position, to put money on it, which I don't do, cos I don't like to part with money...8th position world championships.

DPC: What about Hodgson?

CarlFogarty: Yeah, of the five guys I've got in my head who could win it, he's one of them, yeah definitely, he could win it

Khaylock: Please tell us that you haven't really quit Supermoto before you've started. I believe Chris Walker has some words he'd like to help you eat :-).

CarlFogarty: I don't know. I said I'd quit at the time. I won’t be racing again. actually I just picked up my Supermoto bike yesterday and I can't wait to take it out in the summer. When Chris Walker tested at the Three Sisters track he was a second a lap slower than me, ha ha

t595net: Do you think this country lacks support for youngsters wanting to get into the sport?

CarlFogarty: Yeah, I don't think it's easy, like in Italy, like I mentioned before, it seems a bit easier. I don't know why that is, but at the end of the day if you're a good rider, you can still shine through

Anuar: Obviously, you want to win. But with this brand new team and bike, how soon can we see a podium finish?

CarlFogarty: Realistically I want to be competitive and finishing races. I've looked at it, and if we turn up at the first race and both riders finish in the points, down to 15th, that will be good and anything better is a bonus I want to win, but you've got to run before you can walk

Chrisheap: Some have levied criticism at you for your attitude this year. Do you think you have received the press you deserve this year and was it deserved?

CarlFogarty: I get criticized because I'm successful and famous. People are always jealous of that. I don't mind it at all. In fact I think I quite like it.

Moody: Have you ever been approached to do a film about your life. And who would play yourself, David Tardozzi, Michaela, Slight, Edwards, Chili?

CarlFogarty: No, I haven't. But who would play the part of me? Obviously some very handsome chap! Probably Vinnie Jones, he gets every other role that's going!

Chrisheap: Some have said that Petronas are going to have real trouble producing the numbers of road bikes to allow you access to the grid next year. Is this something that you're worried about?

CarlFogarty: No, I’m not worried about it at all. You're talking about one of the biggest companies in the world here, bigger than any motorcycle company whatever the obligation, number of bikes, whatever, we'll do it, it's not a problem really.

pringle111: I'm very happy you've given James Haydon a chance in WSB, did you ever think about giving Jim Whitham a ride as well?

CarlFogarty: I didn't really, no. I think, a difficult one, it did cross my mind, what with James being a good mate of mine. You know that saying, that you should never employ mates, and James is really happy with where his career is at, so it never really crossed my mind more than that.

Mike: Carl just thought that I would email my info, I built the starter for the current Sauber race bike, I am based near Donnington Park, in the midlands. should you need any help at all with your venture regarding starters for the new bike please get in touch.

CarlFogarty: We'll get his number and we'll keep him in mind for sure.

Badbhoy: Do you think road racing, ie-NW200,UGP,IOM, should still be run?

CarlFogarty: Yeah, I don't see why not, as long as there are riders still wanna go there and the fans love it. At the end of the day it's dangerous, but no-one's ever forced to go there. They are races I used to love, so I don't want to see them get scrapped

Fearthefog: Even though you are Petronas boss you are still affiliated with Ducati with, for example, the S4 Fogarty. So where do your loyalties lie?

CarlFogarty: With Petronas now. Difficult one, because the relationship I’ve had with Ducati is so special it doesn't just end full stop, and I obviously have strong feelings for everyone at Ducati, and I know they have the same for me

pringle111: Do you plan to move to GP bikes after next season or will you stick with WSB?

CarlFogarty: No, the deal is to stick with World Superbike, but I don't know, things change all the time. For the future it's WSB, that's what Petronas want anyway

pringle111: After your famous battles with them would you ever employ Chili, Slight or Edwards?

CarlFogarty: I'll employ who I think is available and fast enough to win me races. Everybody thinks I didn't get on with those guys, but it's a bit of a show I get on well with Chilli and Colin, I don't see much of Slight anymore, mainly because he isn't around.

loonycat1: Carl, we have seen in F1 that Alain Prost has had difficulty turning a successful career as a driver into that of a team owner. Do you think that there are any lessons to be learnt from his experiences?

CarlFogarty: Nah, I don't even follow formula one to be honest. For sure I’m going to be learning all the time, but that's why I’ve got experienced people all around me for sure.

loonycat1: Foggy, if you weren't a world champion bike racer, what do you think you would have done for a living?

CarlFogarty: Bloody hell, I dread to think! Probably stuck in a factory, driving a fork lift truck or summat!

Toemarse: If you had to commute to work on a bike, what would be your workhorse?

CarlFogarty: I guess me new Supermoto bike. Definitely…great around town, them things

marcus: Before you started racing yourself, who was your favourite racer?

CarlFogarty: Kenny Roberts snr....and Joey Dunlop...they were the two really

slim shady: Who was better Eddie Kidd or Evel Kneivel

CarlFogarty: I ain't got a clue to be honest...I know Eddie quite well. Who was the maddest, have to be Evel Kneivel …who was the best I really don't know

t595net: Do you think that the WSB series is going to die off in the face of GP four strokes?

CarlFogarty: I dreaded getting the MotoGP question....I've got to say No....specially now I’m coming back into it!

pringle111: Have you got a second rider in mind for your team? Or will it be a 1 man team?

CarlFogarty: No, I've got a second rider, and hopefully if everything goes to plan he'll be signed up within the next 48 hours.

Dpc: Is he an Aussie?

CarlFogarty: Laughs........I can't say anything...don't want to, until it's concrete, so no comment.

Racerjimmy: Why didn’t you go for Shayne Bryne, he’s been a good rider, I thought other teams would have snatched him up, but he has only just signed for another team?

CarlFogarty: Yeah, I do like Shakey, but at the end of the day there are so many riders, and so many wanting to come on board. I could only take two and once they are both signed, I think they will be the best. It's not a bike to win races, it's one that still needs developing....I like Shakey anyway, but you have to let someone down.

Daveyfontan: Carl , is it ok to call Michaela the "First lady of Motorcycle racing" on my new website ,

CarlFogarty: We'll be looking into that website, and checking up on it...checking the pictures etc.

pringle111: What do you think about WSB moving from Donington to Silverstone? Do you think Silverstone is a better circuit?

CarlFogarty: I mean I like Donington, that’s one of my favourite circuits. Silverstone I don't know, I've never ridden on it on the new circuit. It's an old circuit with a load of histroy, but we'll just have to see what the fans think of it when it's run Last time I rode there was a GP when I was 19 on the old circuit, so we'll just have to see.

xx1100: What is your favorite Race track in the UK?

CarlFogarty: Donington...just suited my style better than the other ones

Mjcross: Foggy, what was your favorite last corner manouvre during your career ?? (maybe sticking it under Kocinski at Assen on the Honda??)

CarlFogarty: yeah, that was a good one....the one that just beats it was going round the outside of Colin Edwards, last corner at Monza to give me the double win, that just shades it.

t595net: If a crash hadn't ended your racing career, would you still be racing?

CarlFogarty: Yeah, good question. Sure, for someone that never crashed much I've picked up some bad injuries, certainly if I hadn't smashed my arm up I would have still been racing in 2001, but I’m sure I would have packed it in at the end of that because of my age and everything I had already achieved.

Mentaltrev: Have you made a decision/reached an agreement on what tyres the Petronas will run on?

CarlFogarty: No, not yet we haven't...errrrr. no....Should know probably within the next two weeks

Badbhoy: will there be much difference between the bikes your team will be using and the MotoGPbike

CarlFogarty: Yeah, in appearance and the chassis yeah, for sure....but the Moto GP bike thing, that stops now or it'll stop in a few weeks anyway

watsoam {ask} So if you are successful for a number of seasons in WSB do you ever see a GP 4-stroke Ducati Team under you?

CarlFogarty: Well, I don't know how things pan out and change over the idea to be honest what the future holds...I just wanna be successful in whatever I do...

CarlFogarty: Thanks for everyone’s time and all your questions and keep in touch with how we're doing with MCN. Cheers, bye

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