First test reveals Yamaha Bulldog is built for cruising

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Yamaha’s new Bulldog may be styled like a Buell or a Ducati Monster, but it’s much more focused on cruising rather than sport.

That’s the first impression Adam Morrissey has drawn after riding the V-twin for MCN in Italy on Friday.

Morrissey said eight Bulldogs have been crashed during two days of testing around Lake Como.

One explanation for that may be that test riders are being fooled by the relatively aggressive styling.

They are pushing it harder than its cruiser-soft suspension has been designed to cope with. Ground clearance is an issue, too.

Morrissey says there is some concern that the low-slung exhaust is digging in during enthusiastic cornering, lifting the rear wheel and contributing to accidents. Weather conditions have been fine.

No one has been badly hurt and it should be said that some of the eight crashes have been little more than U-turn slow-speed drops.

At least the soft suspension and relatively low power output make the Bulldog ideal for those who want a relaxing ride, says Morrissey.

" It won’t bite back, it’s more bassett hound than Bulldog. It’s a Dragstar engine and it rides like a Dragstar, " he added.

You don’t get big vibe problems from the V-twin, as the engine is rubber mounted. But Morrissey feels the seat won’t be your best friend on a long journey. Pillions should be delighted though.


We’re in northern Italy today, taking on the wonderful roads around Lake Como on Yamaha’s new Bulldog V-twin.

Adam Morrissey is riding the bike as you read this and we’ll be talking to him soon to bring you his first reaction to how this stylish machine rides.

See the link, right, for details on the bike itself.

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