New 996 will be lighter, faster… and redder

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Pierre Terblanche, the man who is working on a replacement for the Ducati 996, gave a few hints about how it will look when he joined in a live chat session on on Friday.

Terblanche, said it would handle sharper, go faster and be lighter, but he also revealed it would be more practical than the current bike.

” It won’t be practical like a BMW. It will still be a sports bike, but a sports bike many people can use. ”

It will still sound like a Ducati, deliver torque like a Ducati and be styled in the grand tradition. ” It will be redder, too ” he joked. But it will look entirely unlike the current bike.

He refused to be drawn on whether or not the bike would have a single-sided swingarm.

And he said he is already working on bikes for 2005/6.

He also told people in the Talk Bikes chat rooms that he hadn’t had a holiday in a year, that he collected memorabilia from the’20s to the’50s and, if push came to shove, he’d always prefer a fine lady to a fine motorcycle.

And when he was asked if the works canteen at Ducati was all pasta and chianti, he had to admit that yes, it was actually.

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By MCN Staff