Underneath it all… there’s a Valkyrie

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Japanese tuning firm WhiteHouse is due to put this Valkyrie-based monster into limited production later this year.

While the bike bears little resemblance to the original Honda, under the skin it’s a stock F6C Valkyrie. The 1500cc flat-six motor, which makes 100bhp in standard form, is unchanged, although the new exhaust with its six tiny end-cans could add a few bhp.

But every body panel is exclusive to the Ryujin, as are the front and rear lights. There are actually two headlights, the one you can see mounted in the cast alloy section of the nose, and another hidden behind the lower section of the heavily tinted screen. The rear light also gets a cast aluminium housing and a black lens to blend it into the rest of the bodywork.

To give the bike a sportier riding position, the footrest hangers have been swapped for new ones set further back and machined from billet aluminium, while the bars are lower than stock.

The tubular steel chassis isn’t altered at all from standard, and the suspension is also stock – so, given the bike’s massive 1690mm wheelbase, it will be about as flickable as a supertanker.

So far, the bike hasn’t gone beyond prototype form, although WhiteHouse does plan to build them to order after it is officially launched later this year.

It will probably cost at least £15,000 – more than £4000 more than the stock bike.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff