ZR-7S takes more of the strain

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THE ZR-7 is a great value fuss-free bike which gives you 750cc for very little money. And now it gives you just a little bit more.

Thanks to the addition of a cowling on the new ZR-7S, windblast is a much more easily dealt with foe.

But that’s about where the changes over the stock ZR-7 end.

Riders who complained that the original bike lacked power and needed either more capacity or a higher state of tune will be disappointed.

At £4800, it’s marginally cheaper than the Yamaha Fazer 600 but many will feel the Fazer offers a better all-round package.

And the Kawasaki is more expensive than the basic £4299 Honda Hornet, which also offers more power for your cash.

So why choose a ZR-7S? Well, there’s the easy ride. As soon as you sit on it, the word which leaps to mind is ” soft ” . The seat is comfy, the riding position is relaxed. The low footrests and relatively high bars mean you won’t get cramped after a few hours in the saddle.

And a bounce on the seat lets you know the suspension is going to offer a soft ride, too.

Pulling in the adjustable clutch is effortless and, once you’re up and running, it feels like you’ve been on the bike before – many times.

I’m a bit taken by surprise at the lack of guts the bike offers before 4000rpm, but twisting the throttle a bit harder gets the bike into its powerband and taking it up to its 10,000rpm red line reveals a capable, if not inspiring, amount of power.

More urgency in the stopping power would be welcome. If you get into trouble and need to grab a handful of front brake, the four-pot Tokicos are distinctly lacking.

Comfort is probably the bike’s best asset – and the new cowling certainly means the ZR-7S is capable of longer trips without giving you neck strain.

What about the weekend fun factor, then? On open roads, when you can get the motor spinning freely, you will be able to have a laugh or two – even if it’s just because the bike’s soft suspension will have you lolling about in the saddle if you try to ride it like a sports bike.

But that’s me getting carried away with myself again. Ride the ZR-7S at legal speeds or just above and you’ll have a smooth, hassle-free ride.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff