Cache of Ducatis on sale at cost price

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A batch of two-year-old Ducatis which have never turned a wheel are being offered exclusively to users at cost price.

The 1999-spec bikes are to all intents and purposes brand new. Take advantage of this exclusive deal you can get them for not a penny more than Carnell paid for them. Which is nice.

There are examples from right across the range, from Monsters to 996s and when they are gone, they’re gone.

The prices are so low in fact that Carnell have gone a bit shy about saying exactly how low they are. You’ll have to call for details on 01405-744-599. Say the magic words ” ” and you’ll get access to these extremely low prices.

But here’s one to whet your taste buds: a 996 Biposto for just £7495 (yes that’s a 7, not an 11!)

We’re also able to offer an exclusive saving of £150 on Dainese Motegi two-piece leathers in red/white/grey. Call 08702-434445 and quote: ” MCNCOM02 ” to get them for £529.99.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff