Four stroke Yamaha gives Max power in tests

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MAX BIAGGI and Malboro Yamaha team mate Carlos Checa have spoken to MCN after wrapping up their behind-closed-doors test of their new four stroke GP bike.

Checa and Biaggi were joined by test rider John Kocinski for the four days at the Phillip Island circuit in Australia on the YZR-M1.

Because of the secrecy surrounding the test, no lap times were released by Yamaha bosses although they did say that the test had met targets for lap times and durability.

The three riders spent most of the time trying to run at consistent race-distance pace rather than chasing one-off fast laps.

By the end of the session the trio had completed over 600 laps on five different M1s that featured varying engine and chassis specs.

Biaggi said: "Last time I rode the M1 during August my main priority was still to get the best out of the 500. So this was the first time I could dedicate all my efforts to the four-stroke. I'm enjoying the process of adapting my riding style to suit the bike, especially getting used to the engine braking. The bike's power delivery is much smoother than the 500, and though the chassis is similar, it's not identical."

Checa was equally enthusiastic about the test and he said: "This was an important test because this is the first time we've been able to fully concentrate on the four-stroke without having to go back and race the two-stroke. "

Biaggi, Checa and Kocinski head to Malaysia this week for another three-day test where Yamaha will bring more new parts for evaluation. Yamaha won't test the M1 then again until the New Year.

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