New look for 2002 GSX1400

Published: 21 October 2001

There’s a new style for the GSX1400 for 2002, but there are no mechanical changes.

When it was launched last year it was not expected to be coming to the UK. But the clamour for it grew and Suzuki relented.

The new version is essentially the same except for a tweak to the paintwork.

At a glance, the blue and white paint shown here might look similar to the 2001 version, but there are several differences to give a slightly more modern appearance.

The simple, striped tank of the current blue and white version is replaced with a more complex, zig-zagged design – although the scheme is still clearly based on Suzuki's traditional colours.

If that’s too " modern " for your liking, there are two single-colour options for 2002 - metallic silver or plain blue.

Mechanically the bike is unchanged – although the Japanese version shown here doesn't have as much power as the UK bike, with just 98bhp compared to the UK model’s 106bhp.