2002 Deauville gets linked brakes

Published: 09 September 2001

Honda’s 650cc Deauville is getting linked brakes for 2002.

The firm’s Combined Braking System has been used in the past on the firm’s VFR800, Pan-European and Super-Blackbird. Now the Deauville, by far the biggest-selling touring bike in the first seven months of 2001, will get a derivative of the system.

It links the front and back brakes, adding a helping of rear when you apply the front – and vice-versa.

Heavier bikes demand more back brake than lightweight sports machines, which rely more on the front because the weight is mainly forward under braking.

The system on the Deauville – the touring machine based around the frame, engine and shaft-drive of the old NTV650 – is more rudimentary than on its higher-capacity stablemates.

A Proportional Control Valve makes sure the linkage doesn’t apply too much of either brake and get you into trouble.

Honda has also worked on the balance within the engine to give a smoother ride.

The firm doesn’t the price of next year’s model to change significantly from the current £6400 on the road.