Boxer aims for the mainstream with B2

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French firm Boxer is about to move into the mainstream with a new model unveiled at the Paris bike show – a naked roadster called the B2.

Like the firm’s previous VB1, it uses the 60-degree, 995cc V-twin motor developed by fellow French firm Voxan.

The B2 has its own, purpose-built chassis: The new frame is a latticework of polished aluminium tubing, bolted to a cast aluminium swingarm pivot section. The swingarm itself is an alloy trellis to match the main frame sections.

On the B2, Boxer has opted not to go for radical chassis dimensions – instead relying on light weight and high quality suspension components to give good handling. The wheelbase is 1460mm – long enough to make the bike stable.

It has 43mm upside-down Showa forks and a French-made Fournales rear shock. The overall weight is estimated to be around 180kg (396lb).

The rear suspension helps ditches the usual rising-rate set-up, and all the associated linkages, in favour of mounting the shock directly between the swing-arm and frame. This might sound low-tech, but given the ever-improving quality of suspension units, more and more racers are finding they can actually benefit from losing the complex rising rate design and all the associated weight and friction problems.

But regardless of the chassis components, it’s the bike’s looks that will get it the most attention. And they weren’t created by some French fashion house or inspired Italian – instead they’re from the pen of British designer Glynn Kerr.

While the bike pictured here is a prototype, the production version isn’t expected to differ – although when bikes start rolling out of Boxer’s brand-new Toulouse factory they will probably get slightly more provision for a pillion..

Boxer’s Albert Castaigne said: ” We are building an initial run of 100VB1 Sports, and then around 100 a year when the production starts properly. But with the B2 we want to make more than 1000 bikes a year. ”

It is expected to have an £8000 price tag. Boxer currently has no official UK importer, but has delivered VB1 Sports to British buyers. Castaigne said: ” The British market is potentially big for us, so when full production has started we will be keen to sell them there. ”

The initial B2s will have the stock 100bhp delivered by the Voxan engine – meeting strict French power-limits – but the firm isn’t concerned about its potential. For the UK, the motors can be de-restricted to make far more power.

We’ll bring you more from Boxer later in the week.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff