Bulldog makeover could go into production

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The Bulldog makeover Yamaha has shown at the Milan and Paris bike shows could go into production as a new model.

And if the firm isn’t prepared to go that far, it’s almost certain that the parts are all likely to be put into production for Bulldog owners to personalise their own machines.

The Mastino Napoletano keeps the XV1100 engine, but the bodywork is virtually all changed.

It’s named after the Neopolitan Mastiff, the biggest and strongest bulldog there is, and the polished aluminium parts give the bike an appropriately punchy new look.

The headlight unit is completely reworked, as is the tank and seat unit and it has new wide bars and simple dials.

The bike has forks from an FJR1300, 16-inch spoked wheels and new, smaller brake calipers.

Yamaha asked its agency Global Design to create the look. Global’s Bart Janssen-Groesbeek said: ” The Bulldog is the sort of bike owners will want to customise. We wanted to see how much we could change the look without making serious alterations. ”

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff