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Ducati’s tribute to British racer Paul Smart is at last ready to go into production and our artist’s impression is thought to be very close to how the finished article will look.

The retro-styled limited-edition machine has been waiting its turn at Ducati’s Bologna factory while the last of the MH900e Mike Hailwood reps were completed. That bike is at the centre of some controversy as Mike Hailwood’s widow is fighting a court case over the use of his name and images in an advertising campaign for the MH900e.

It is not thought the PS900e will be the source of that kind of trouble. Paul’s son Scott said his father maintained a good relationship with Ducati. Paul is currently in Australia to take part in some classic racing.

The PS900e is inspired by the 750 Imola V-twin that Smart took to victory at the Imola 200 in 1972. It was the first win for Ducati’s new V-twin engine.

MCN first revealed the bike, known as the PS900e, in October 1998.

Designed by Ducati stylist Pierre Terblanche, the man behind the Multistrada, latest 900SS, Supermono and MH900e, the Smart replica will have the same air-cooled 900cc 80bhp V-twin engine as the 900SS.

The steel trellis frame is expected to be the same as on the MH900e but it will painted blue and a conventional swingarm replaces the single-sided unit on the Hailwood.

A full-fairing, painted silver, will replace the half-fairing on the MH900e and is expected to be moulded, or at least appear to be, to the tank to mimic the Imola.

Ducati factory sources have also confirmed that a working example of the replacement for the legendary 998 WSB bike has been finished. No one will comment on it or even reveal when we are likely to see it.


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