Is this Ducati’s new 999?

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This could be our first look at the most eagerly awaited bike of the year, Ducati’s all-new 999.

These pictures were snapped by an alert tourist at the firm’s Bologna factory last week.

Although the bike is wearing a dummy fairing, deliberately sprayed with a disruptive pattern on the fairing, there’s no camouflaging the double-sided swingarm and famous trellis frame.

Sources have already told MCN that Ducati is planning to dump the stylish but heavy single-sided item found on the 998.

The photographer said: " At first I thought it was a crashed 916 or something, but the more you look at it the more you see it’s not like any other Ducati. I took one photo and as I was winding on the camera the rider saw me, jumped on the bike and rode off in a big hurry. He didn’t like me being there. The front has dual lights, but more rounded than those on the 998, and the fairing nose was more rounded than the 998. "

Ducati still denies a 999 exists, and when we asked about these pics a spokesman simply said " no comment " . So, what do you think it is? Click on the link on the right and tell us.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff