Daimler Chrysler unveils concept ‘bike’

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Car firm Daimler Chrysler has unveiled a 500hp concept ‘bike’ with a claimed top speed of 300mph.

The four-wheeled, V-10 Dodge Tomahawk is " about pure performance, in-the-face excitement and not being scared of any limits, " according to Dieter Zetsche, Chrysler Group’s president chief executive. Not surprising, with an 8.3 litre engine taken from a Dodge Viper. The four wheels were needed to carry the weight of the V-10, and at the same time, to handle the power the engine produces. Apparently, the firm claims spinning the rear wheels is " not a problem " .

The bike will lean as a normal motorcycle, with individual suspension for each wheel. This would mean an angle of lean of 45 degrees is possible, but the Mallory Park hairpin might still prove a bit of a problem.

Zetsche has revealed that a limited run of 100 may well be produced, priced between $150,000 and $200,000. Dodge realise the bike might not appeal to everyone, but have identified US chat-show host Jay Leno as a likely customer, as he already owns a bike powered by a jet engine.

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