'Don't blame leathers!'

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You say industry watchers have got it wrong when they lay the blame for a fall in bike sales on those of us who choose to wear the right kit

Glass’s Guide editor Randal Thomas said: “too many riders now use one- or two-piece leathers. These give good protection but they are much less practical for commuting with work clothes underneath.

“Some observers now believe that the use of leathers means riders simply don’t think of their bike as a practical form of transport, but only as a recreational item.”

Because you don’t ride your bike as much, you feel less need to replace it – hence the fall in new bike sales – he argues. See the link, right, for the full story.

But you don’t agree. Posting on this site, user grumpifcuk, said: “If you can get a set of work clothes under your leathers then they are definitely the wrong size.

“Most normal dudes would just bungee their work clothes in a ruck sack over the back seat.

And awoo added: “Anyone with brains can work out that it’s not difficult to strap a bag to the bike with trousers or skirt plus shoes in.”

Roddas reckons: “Why aren’t as many of us buying new bikes? Look at the news, radio, police reports etc. We are to blame for almost everything!”

But spondonste thinks Thomas has a point: “I know of many people who won’t do short journeys on the bike because of the hassle of putting on leathers. Personally I ride around in jeans and paddock jacket…”

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By MCN Staff