Fresh start for Mondial

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The new owner of Italian bike firm Mondial has put the Piega and Nuda back in to production and promised an all-new bike by 2007.

American firm, Superbike Racing, bought Mondial last week for an undisclosed amount. It plans to produce up to 650 bikes a year and hopes to enter a Mondial in the AMA superbike championship.

Andrew Wright, the owner of Superbike Racing, said: “We plan to restart production immediately. First priority will be to fulfil the outstanding orders to customers and dealers. Next we will rebuild the distribution network. We intend to produce about 600-650 bikes next year. The first bikes should start being produced by November 2004.”

Wright is already moving ahead with plans to design a brand new bike and estimates that it will be ready by 2007. He didn’t reveal much but said the bike will not run on the Honda SP2 engine that powers the current Piega and Nuda.

He also revealed plans to produce a more affordable version of the ultra-high spec Piega superbike but said that production would currently be focussed on the naked version of the bike, the Nuda.

Wright hinted that he wants to make a serious challenge for the American Superbike title but he didn’t say whether it will be with the Piega or if the firm will wait for the new bike to be ready.

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By MCN Staff