GSX-R750: Our first impressions

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Suzuki’s GSX-R750 could be the perfect sports compromise – it handles as sweetly as the firm’s 600 yet offers huge bhp for performance that won’t see it lagging too far behind a GSX-R1000 on the road.

MCN’s Trevor Franklin rode it for the first time at the weekend in Japan. His full world first test report will appear in MCN on Wednesday this week.

But in the meantime his first impressions include: " On a trackday it’s a fair bet that the GSX-R750 would stick its new slant-nosed fairing out in front of the GSX-R1000. "

With a claimed at-the-crank bhp figure of over 140bhp, Franklin estimates a real rear-wheel bhp figure of 123bhp and says that comes with shedloads of bottom end drive.

And when it’s on song, he says: " The airbox growl sounds like a dog with its bone taken away. "

And of giving the bike a hard time on the track, Franklin says: " Despite unloading and loading the suspension again and again, while changing direction, the 750 ploughed a perfect, wobble-free line. "

We’ll be bringing you first impressions from our superbike group test this week on We’re in France right now with the new Blade, R1, ZX-10R and GSX-R1000.

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