Aprilia builds a worthy replacement

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Aprilia has reworked and repackaged its stylish RSV Mille V-twin to produce a devastating evolution of the 1000cc superbike that goes every bit as well as it looks.

The bike is new from the ground up with a new chassis, heavily modified engine and complete cosmetic overhall. The trademark 2-into-1 exhaust, complete with bulbous single cans is gone – replaced by twin exhausts with elliptical-section cans.

The seat is 25mm lower and the wheelbase 35mm shorter than the old bike. The box-section twin spar aluminium frame is not only lighter and stronger than the old bike’s – it is shapely and beautifully finished with textbook welding. The finish and fit of all the bodywork is of a very high standard. It has even got bobbins for a paddock stand fitted to the swingarm.

The 998cc 60° V-twin engine is a heavily modified evolution of the original Mille motor and makes more power. The output is up from 112bhp to 117bhp, measured at the back wheel. But not only does it make more power it develops it smoothly too.

On standard settings the suspension irons out ripples and road imperfections allowing you to get on and enjoy the Aprilia’s impressive cornering ability. The steering is neutral and you feel the bike roll in predictably with no more than a nudge on the clip-ons.

Mid-corner stability is superb, giving you the confidence to explore serious angles of lean.

Aprilia has clearly built a worthy successor to the old bike, making improvements in almost every department.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff