World first test: Honda CBF600

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MCN has been testing the all new Honda CBF600 in Spain.

MCN road tester Matt Wildee has just jumped off it and given his first impressions of the bike.

" It’s very user-friendly, with a good mid range, but it does lack the top end of the Hornet. It’s more touring-oriented, with an adjustable seat, and bars, and the adjustable screen gives great wind protection. "

" It’s a good, practical, all-round alternative to bikes like the Fazer and Hornet, but it’s more focused towards touring. It will also suit people who are new to biking and find the Fazer and Hornet a bit too aggressive. "

You can read the full test of the CBF600 in MCN, out Wednesday, February 4. Discuss this story on the News board by following the link on the right.

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