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motorcyclenews.com’s Used Bikes Editor Angus Farquhar has just finished riding the new Aprilia Sport City 125 scooter at its launch in Tuscany and has logged in from the hotel to send his report straight back.

Here’s what he thinks of the latest Aprilia automatic:

“It’s not a bike you would use to travel long distances, but the Sport City was just as at home roaming the winding lanes between Tuscan villages as it was nipping along the narrow town roads. Its big wheels and decent twin shocks make it surprisingly good at soaking up bumps on poorly surfaced roads.

“And you can flick it through the corners without having to back off too much on the throttle. The best approach is to let it flow through turns.

“The styling is very subtle. It won’t stand out in a crowd but when people look more closely, the detailing catches the eye.

“The Sport City only has limited luggage space – only enough room for an open face lid under the seat.

“And finding a comfortable spot on the sculpted seat takes a while. The floorboards are quite small and only offer one position to place your feet.

“This 125 is lots of fun, and if you can keep up the momentum the Sport City will hold it’s own in the city slalom or on windy roads.”

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