Bike sales up, cars down

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Latest figures from the Motorcycle Industry Association show bike sales in July were up compared to July 2004. At 1% up, it’s not a big rise – but it certainly outstrips the 6.6% FALL in car sales.

And there are areas of real growth – year–to-date sales of adventure sport (spread-headed by the BMW R1200GS) are up 32%, naked bike sales are up 15% and custom bike sales are up 7%.

Moped and scooter sales are down compared to last year. When they are taken into account overall sales of ‘powered-two-wheelers’ are down 2% both year-on-year and year-to-date.

Latest estimates suggest 3.5 million people now have motorcycle licences.

MCI spokesman Craig Carey-Clinch, said: “People’s interest in motorcycling is broadening and there are more reasons than ever for people to either continue riding or start, whether it is for leisure or commuting purposes. Safer roads, avoiding congestion and adopting a cost-effective and convenient way of travelling are just some of the explanations that maintain motorcycling’s appeal.”

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